ONCOSY X mixup – Virtual Meetups & Conferences

Oncosy X mixup offers a 3D Virtual Event solution with the possibility to create full online events, but also mixed hybrid events.


  • Create 3D Virtual Events online in hours, not days or even weeks
  • one system for small and large groups, both are possible within the same system
  • Low maintenance, easy to operate, lowest personnel costs
  • Backups and statistics centralised and GDPR / data protection compliant
  • Regular updates thanks to our cloud solution, no additional hardware+software costs
  • No app installation, all runs in the web browser
  • Great and simple pricing

Some of our tech features

  • Centralised and automated registration management via email or with SingleSignOn (SSO) solutions through Google Account and/or LinkedIn User
  • Fully integrated 3D system developed with the Unity 3D Engine / gaming engine
  • Event login and ticketing with QR codes
  • Person-to-Person chats via video, audio and/or text
  • Multi-Person Conferencing via video, audio and/or text
  • Up to 250 people per room! Multiple rooms can be connect for thousands of participants.
  • Video streaming and live streaming services fully integrated (Vimeo, Twitter live, a.s.o.)
  • Polling / voting functions
  • Interaction via personal chats, Q&A sessions, booth communications and much much more

Oncosy X mixup – Full service on request

  • Content maintenance
  • Livestreaming teams and/or setups
  • 3D services and setup
  • 3D FBX-import-file support
  • Registration support for participants
  • Tech support during your event
  • you name it…

Interested? Contact us for a live demo!

mixup SpaceBar Trailer | demo